Our Mission Statement

The Ireland China Institute is an independent think tank dedicated to the study of Irish Chinese affairs.

The mission of the Institute is to create a greater understanding of China in Ireland and of Ireland in China.

The Institute will be an independent self-governing body. It will co-operate with relevant Chinese and Irish institutions and utilise all recognised and validated forms of research to establish an analytical resource concerning Ireland, China and the European Union.

In order to realise its objective of promoting greater mutual understanding between Ireland and China, the Institute will focus on:

  • Raising the level of knowledge of China among key Irish stakeholders, with particular regard to China’s long term bilateral and multilateral strategy and global relations;
  • Raising the level of knowledge of Ireland among key Chinese stakeholders, with particular regard to understanding Ireland’s participation in and experience of European affairs;
  • Researching strategies to optimise Ireland’s diplomatic, business and cultural relations with China; and
  • Contributing to the formulation of a harmonious relationship between Ireland and China in areas such as international affairs, sustainable development, trade, education and climate change.

In that context, the Institute will at all times develop strategies with the aim of fostering a greater understanding among Chinese and Irish policy and business communities as to how Ireland and China can work together in these key policy areas, particularly in the context of Ireland’s membership of the European Union.

Accordingly, the Institute will seek to realise this potential and so position Ireland as a reliable and effective gateway for China into the European Union.

Oct 2018