Our research interests

We are interested in research in the following fields:

China’s Reform Programme

China’s Reform Programme To understand the rationale behind China’s reform programme; to analyse its long-term political, social and economic objectives; to identify the main institutional reforms being undertaken in pursuit of [...]

China’s Foreign Policy

China’s Foreign Policy To evaluate China’s foreign policy objectives in the context of its history as a global and regional power and its re-emergence as a major player in the international [...]

One Belt One Road

One Belt One Road To study the rationale behind the proposal to create One Belt One Road; to gain an understanding of the process by which it will be built [...]

Global Governance

Global Governance To study the institutional reforms necessitated by the re-ordering of global economic relations consequent to the emergence of China as the world’s largest economy, in particular the IMF, [...]

China/EU Partnership

China/ EU Strategic Partnership To identify the main elements of the long-term relationship between China and the EU in the context of their respective perspectives on priorities, processes and common [...]

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