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Global Governance


Global Governance To study the institutional reforms necessitated by the re-ordering of global economic relations consequent to the emergence of China as the world’s largest economy, in particular the IMF, World Bank, WTO and UN organisations; to understand the rationale for, and implications of, the creation of new organisations by China, such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

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The Fight Against Climate Change


The Fight Against Climate Change To identify the key policy objectives set down by China in respect of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change; to examine the means whereby these objectives are to achieved in terms of time-frames, technologies and feasibility; to follow the introduction and evolution of regional, sectoral and national carbon markets and their influence on analogous markets elsewhere; to study Chinese strategies on the decarbonisation of industry, agriculture, services and transport and its evolution towards a low-carbon circular economy.

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One Belt One Road


One Belt One Road To study the rationale behind the proposal to create One Belt One Road; to gain an understanding of the process by which it will be built out; to evaluate the economic and political benefits accruing from its creation; to identify the major infrastructural projects that will constitute the One Belt One Road, their financing, governance and operation, and to analyse their implications for the global economy and their impact on international relations.

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China’s Foreign Policy


China’s Foreign Policy To evaluate China’s foreign policy objectives in the context of its history as a global and regional power and its re-emergence as a major player in the international order; to gain a deeper understanding of its commitment to peaceful co-existence and to the resolution of international disputes, its engagement with the UN and other global organisations, and on a continuing basis, to assess its bi-lateral relations with other countries and regions.

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Five Year Planning Process


Five Year Planning Process To study the processes by which the Five Year Plans are determined; to identify the key economic and social objectives set for the current plan; to analyse the evolution of the national development strategy in respect of the transition from an agricultural to an urban high tech society and to develop a clear understanding of the short to medium-term goals in the context of the ambition to create a prosperous China by 2049.

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China’s Reform Programme


China’s Reform Programme To understand the rationale behind China’s reform programme; to analyse its long-term political, social and economic objectives; to identify the main institutional reforms being undertaken in pursuit of those objectives; to assess progress to date and to study the implications of the reform programme for Chinese domestic policy and the role of China in the world.

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Ewa Neumann


Ewa Neumann,Web and Design ConsultantEwa Neumann works with ICI in the area of web and design. Since graduating with a BA (1st Class Honours) in Visual Communications and Design in IT Carlow, Ewa has worked with a number of companies as a freelance designer and website creator.  She excels in all areas of graphic design, including typography, visual arts and page layout. She recently set up her own consultancy, Black Soda Creative Studio.  HOME

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Deirdre O’Hanlon


Deirdre O’Hanlon, Administrator Deirdre O'Hanlon comes on board with a range of administrative and business skills. Working directly with Brendan Halligan as his Executive Personal Assistant for thirty years, she was also responsible for office management and administration with Consultants in Public Affairs (CIPA). Deirdre is a graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology and has experience in the practical application of company law, finance and human resources. As part of her work with Brendan Halligan, she has long liaised with the Institute for International and European Affairs (IIEA), collaborating with its staff on a variety of projects, which has given her an invaluable insight into international institutional practices. She has been with the Ireland China Institute since its inception. BACK

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Christine Liu


Christine Liu, Head of Global Strategy and Engagement Christine graduated with a MBA from UCD Michael Smurfit Business School, where her graduate project explored leveraging consumer trends on a global scale, strategic cross-continent marketing and mitigating operational risks. She has since worked in the United States, Ireland and China, and has a wide range of experience and skills set across various industries and cultures. Her functional areas of expertise include strategic planning, strategy management, business development, cost optimisation, new market opportunity assessment, branding strategy and cross-cultural communication. She has extensive experience in the areas of higher education, startups and the NGO field. She is bilingual and fluent in Mandarin and English. HOME

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Ken Duggan


Ken Duggan Ken Duggan, Chairman Ken Duggan has been doing business in China for thirteen years, having successfully established an Irish Pub in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, as well as other investments and interests in Yiwu, Guangzhou, Dalian, Anshan, Shanghai, Beijing, Shijiazhang , Qingdao and Zhejiang province. In 2009 he set up his own consultancy, Chinaportal, which is firmly established as a market leader doing business in China. He accompanied the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese on her visit to Shanghai'ss Expo 2010 and also joined the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny TD (Taoiseach) on a trade mission to China in March 2012. Ken has sourced a diverse and wide range of products in China on behalf of Chinaportal's Irish and international clients and is currently working with several Irish and Chinese companies seeking retail and investment opportunities in both countries. Ken is a former Chairman of the Ireland China Business Association, and is currently Chairman of the Ireland China Institute. He graduated from UCD with a philosophy degree, from Trinity College with a Masters degree and is currently completing a Ph.D in Educational Management in Trinity College, Dublin. He previously worked as a Post primary School Principal and was also the first Director of the Irish Refugee Council. Ken is a Senior Research Fellow at the Sino-European Research Centre for Creative Economy based in the Confucius Institute, UCD, Dublin. HOME

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